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Hands on Stanzas, the educational outreach program of the Poetry Center of Chicago places professional, teaching Poets in residence at Chicago Public Schools across the city. Poets teach the reading, discussion, and writing of poetry to 3 classes over the course of 20 classroom visits, typically from October through April. Students improve their reading, writing, and public speaking skills, and participating teachers report improved motivation and academic confidence. You can contact Cassie Sparkman, Director of the Hands on Stanzas program, by phone: 312.629.1665 or by email: csparkman(at)poetrycenter.org for more information.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Perverbs- Harry Mathews

Proverbs are such an integral part of language, of how we communicate. Clever phrases and important lessons are timeless and have been threaded through cultures all over the world for hundreds of years. In Perverbs, Harry Mathews uses 46 well known proverbs and twists them into new life lessons. Below are some new "perverbs" written by the students.

I van G

Time makes one worth two in the bush
Time makes one wait for no man
Time makes one come down
Time makes one take warning
Time makes angels fear to tread
Time makes one stop digging
Time makes one fix it
Time makes one try again
Time makes one being nice
Time makes one go to the mountain
Time makes one expect the worst.


Money talks with a loved one
Do not dwell with another man’s poison
A loved one is another man’s treasure

Edgar R

Ideas are where the heart is
Two ideas are better than one
Unveil the road to hell
Ideas are mighter than the sword
Ideas is cheap
You can’t make an omlete
Without breaking a few ideas
The best ideas come in small packages
Ideas goes around
Ideas makes perfect

Mrs. Cantu/Mrs Rawls- 6/7th grades

Mario C

It’s your luck time
To set your sights high
And go for it
It ain’t broke, try again
Hope for the best, go with the flow
I think, I came, I saw
Therefore I am
One good turn deserves
Another money talks
A friend in need
Is a friend in pain
Cry me a river,
And make lemonade
A watched pot never boils
And ends well

Mirelle R

Treat yourself to speak louder than words
A snitch in time, especially this week
Prevention is better, especially this week
Treat yourself to stolen fruit
Variety is the spice to something special
Practice makes something special
Seize from every moment, it’s worth a thousand words
Something special is ruined by a drop of poison

Jose L

Life is a series of spilt milk
Life is a series of book by its cover
Life is a series of eggs in one basket
Life is a series of mountains out of mole hills

Christian E

A new relationship is a virtue
A new relationship is paved with good intentions
A new relationship makes you stronger
A new relationship comes around
A new relationships awaits no man
A new relationship comes before the storm
A new relationship wasn’t built in a day

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