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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Poems about Metaphor: Dickinson's I Like to See it Lap the Miles/ Because I Could Not Stop for Death

Metaphor saturates every day language. We use metaphor to compare abstract conecepts like love, and anger, to something more tangable.

Mrs. Salinas, Grade 8

Erika H

Cats are fun and cuddly
Love is the same
You cuddle with your loved one
And have a good time
A cat may attack
But never leaves too much damage
As in love
You may argue,
But it almost always gets resolved

Korina A

My mom is a sundae cone
Sweet like sugar
But watch out
Cold as ice
She’s also a tiger
Protecting its prey
From the world
And persons that might
Harm her
Or her family
And a giraffe
Watching over us

Jesse H

I saw you cry
A rain of tears
You did not stop
And caused the thunder
As I wondered what made you cry
I looked at you,
A beautiful angel
You looked at me
A shaggy bum
I asked you to please stop
Yet you couldn’t
You merely cried
You said
“My life is ruined,
I can only cry”
I answered
“Please a cup of coffee
would be just fine”
you looked at me
I looked at you
Your tears vanished
The sun came out
And then I knew
You were the one

Angelica R

Every day while I’m at school
It seems as if time is going
As slow as a turtle
I wait and wait
Tick tock
There goes the bell
I race out of the school
As if I were a cheetah
I get home
I sit on the couch
And watch tv
I’m like a couch potato
That never seems to leave
My brothers and sisters
Are arguing and yelling
It sounds as if
They were roaring lions
Then finally dinnertime
I can’t wait
I race to the table for a seat
And sit myself down
I eat and eat like a bear
That hasn’t eaten in days
The final things on my day
I get ready for bed
And then there goes
Another yesterday
Now my day ends
And another tomorrow is waiting

Mrs. Cantu, 6/7

Cierra T

When I wake up
In the morning
I feel like a sleepy bear
Fix my bed
And eat breakfast
Like a cheetah
Really fast
Then go to school
Smart as a German Shepard
Get out of school like a snail
Then eat dinner
Finally the day ends
I feel like a lazy lion
And go to bed
And wait
For another day to come

Nancy G

Hearing my mom roar
At me like a lion

Confused like a donkey
Did I do something wrong?

I’m too lazy like a bear
To hear her

My mom talking to much
Like a parakeet

She won’t stop!!!

Making my face
Like a sad kitty

I am innocent!

Mrs. Bunkowski, 3rd grade


Pills are as small as ants
Scissors cut as sharp as a knife
Blood is cold as a winter day
I am cool as ice
As mad as a lion

Ethan R

I’m dizzy as an out of control, exploding car
I’m silly as a cartoon show on tv
I’m nice as my friends in a few streets in the country
I’m hungry as a homeless person
I’m crazy as a clown

Isaiah W

Smoke is like burned cooking
Snow is like feathers
Anger is like lightening
The clock is like a snail
I run fast like a cheetah
Sweet cream is like juice

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